peTAG solution: Smart solution – intelligent core

In daily lifting operations, we rely on the safety of the lifting devices we use. This faith in product safety is the result of regular service and maintenance processes, which are often seen as a tiresome chore. On the other hand, they are the basis that ensures the smooth running of the core business.

So far, so good!

However, it is also a fact that the digital support of these processes is often ranked quite low on the list of priorities, although time pressure and faulty data in this area not only cause unforeseen cost increases, but can also lead to unpleasant brushes with the law. The necessity of digital support for the simple, error-free documentation of service activities and the data transfer of inspection results is becoming increasingly apparent.

“Move with the times, or the times will move on without you.” That was our guiding thought when we developed the peTAG solution, resulting in a highly flexible software that enables the sophisticated servicing and management of a wide range of objects and integrates seamlessly with company processes.

Sounds complicated – but isn't! Why not see for yourself?

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