Forged Safety Latch Kits for Clevis Sling Hooks

Stay on the safe side with original parts: custom-made KWB spare parts are available for readjusting your KWB clevis sling hooks and eye sling hooks, with a forged safety latch kit that ensures the highest possible level of safety.

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Original KWB accessories are happiest when paired with original KWB spare parts. Take the safe route and replace the safety ratchets of your sling hooks with this forged safety catch. Just like our original products, KWB spare parts stand out for their top-level design and materials. To order the right ratchet for your hook, please check the classification table shown here.

Tabulka specifikací

Označení Dimension
Spare Part for
FG/SUN 7/8 7 + 8 HKS/SUN 7, HKS/SUN 8
FG/SUN 10 10 HKS/SUN 10
FG/SUN 13 13 HKS/SUN 13
FG/SUN 16 16 HKS/SUN 16