KPWP Clevis grab hook

Perfect for chains and slings.

The standard shortening hook with BG-approval in the G12 programme is perfect both for the Connex and the welded system. A reduction of the load capacity when shortened is not required for this hook. Another great plus of this product is that it can be retrofitted into the system.

The hook corresponds to EN 1677‑1 with the load capacity of G12 and is also available with a safety mechanism to prevent the accidental unhooking of the chain. Please see the lashing section for more information. The grab hook is suitable for the shortening of chains and the forming of slings that must not tighten.

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Tabulka specifikací

KPWP Clevis grab hook Označení Nosnost
Measurement Image KPWP 16 12.500 124 123 21 19 4,32

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