Details about our new search function

Search for pewag products

You can search for product names, article numbers or short signs (eg. PLGW) in the search bar in full text. 


You can set facet filters on the left side, which filter out the results, for example for the load capacity or the grade. There is also a possibility to comibine filters. The results will adjust accordingly during the search process and show the amount of suiting products for your search. 

If there are more filters active they can be seen and removed below the "Products" bar on top of the search results.
We are constantly adding new search filters to our new search to enhance the ease of finding our products. 

Search for fitting snow chains


In the searchbar you can search for your car (eg. Audi A3), your tire size (eg. 205/50-16) or for both at the same time. 

A search through the filters on the left side, which can be opened by clicking on the is also possible. 

The results can be interpreted as suiting recomomondations for snow chains for your search. 


Further possibilities to search our website

You can find further pages, like our contact form or contact adresses under the content section. 

In the menu point news you can browse and search through our news-archive of the last years through a full-text-search.