We recieved the Bike-to-Work certificate!

We are proud to announce that pewag s.r.o. joined the countrywide summer competition "Bike to Work" and received the European standard certificate for improving workplace conditions.

The goal of the competition was to motivate as many people as possible to use a bike as a regular means of transportation. We had 31 participants from pewag s.r.o. who took part in this fun challenge and decided to commute to work in a sustainable way. With great success: the average non-motorized commuter makes more than 66% of commutes motor free now.

In addition to the sporting activities of our participants, pewag s.r.o. also contributed to the fulfillment of this competition by providing sufficient bicycle parking spaces in a roof covered bike shed, as well as bicycle repair tools and changing rooms available in the workplace.  

We hope to motivate even more people to switch from cars to bikes and other non-motorized vehicles for not only improving our physical and mental health, but also jointly contribute to cleaner air and a more pleasant, safer, and healthier place where we live and work.