WOX-S Chain inox

Simply smart.

The already impressively versatile pewag WOX chain has now been developed further for use in specific pump chain applications, opening up an even wider range of possible use. The WOX-S chain is the brilliant result of these development efforts and makes an ideal addition to the pewag range of pump chains.

When assembled as a service pump chain, it may only be used in conjunction with specific lifting appliances. The chain has a higher resistance to acids and caustic solutions and is easy to identify thanks to the distinctive WOX-S marking. The WOX-S is now ready for use as part of your pump chain system!

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Tabulka specifikací

WOX-S Chain inox Označení Jmenovitý průměr řetězu dn
Běžná vyráběná délka řetězu
Rozteč t
Vnitřní šířka b1 min.
Vnější šířka b2 max.
Load capacity hand-operated hoist
Load capacity motorised hoist
Zatížení na mezi pevnosti
Measurement Image WOX-S 5x15-6 5 50 15 6 16,90 640 500 25,10 0,57
WOX-S 6,3x19,5-5 1)  6,30 50 19,50 7,40 20,70 800 - 31,20 0,86
WOX-S 7,9x23-6 1)  7,90 50 23 9,60 26,20 1.200 - 58,90 1,37
 1)  Available upon request

Soubory ke stažení

WOX-S 5x15-6